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Mimosa B24 radiolink (wireless device) 24 GHz with integrated 33 dBi antenna
Brand: Mimosa
Product Code: MIMOSA-B24
Catalog number: 6279
Warranty (months):

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Mimosa B24 is a complete wireless device designed to work in the 24 GHz band. It has been equipped with an integrated antenna with a gain of 33 dBi, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a SFP slot. It uses a quadruple 4x4 polarization: 4 MIMO - vertical, horizontal and 2x slant (45º). The maximum bandwidth is 1 Gbps (FD / aggregated) using 2 channels 80 MHz wide and 256 QAM modulation.

According to the manufacturer, the B24 devices are enable to set a  connection up up to 3 km. Given the weather conditions, the optimal distance (considering the capacity and availability) is 2 km. A very narrow main beam is a big advantage,  ist width is approximately 3º. The device is fully adapted for outdoor use and has an IP67 degree of protection. Power is supplied through passive PoE, 50 V, 1.2 A power supply is included.

The most important features:

  •      working in the 24 GHz band;
  •      bandwidth 1 Gb / s full duplex / aggregatged;
  •      1 gigabit Ethernet port;
  •      1 SFP slot;
  •      integrated33 dBi gain antenna ;
  •      GPS synchronization;
  •      range up to 3 km;
  •      PoE power supply.


Maximum throughput

1,5 Gb/s

IP aggregate uplink / downlink

latency < 1 ms
Supported  MAC



Modulation  up to 256 QAM
Polarization 4x4:4 MIMO
The width of the channel

Single or double channel

20 / 40 / 80 MHz

The distance between channels 5 MHz
frequency range 24.07 - 24.23 GHz

~ 20 dBm (CE)

~ 30 dBm (FCC/IC)

~ 37 dBm (other regions)

Minimum power level -20 dBm
Czułość odbioru (MCS0)

-84 dBm przy 80 MHz

-87 dBm przy 40 MHz

-90 dBm przy 20 MHz

Energy gain 33 dBi
Beam width (3 dB) 3º 
Tilt adjustment

+-2.5º azimuth

+-15º elevation

The power ratio of the front/rear beam > 30 dB
Isolation of the orthogonal polarization > 20 dB
Polarization double slant  45º
Max power consumption 19,5 W
Power supply method PoE
Power supply included passive  PoE 50 V DC, 1.2 A
ESD protection 6 kV
Ethernet 10/100/1000 BASE-T
Operation of Ethernet / SFP ports

The ports operate in the dual-link failover mode

If one connection fails, the device uses the other

B24 does not support 2 ports at the same time!

Dual protocol work

The radio can work in dual stream mode.

Can work in FDD or TDMA mode (load balancing)

Maximum number of streams: 4 (4x4 MIMO)


Through the cloud (cloud) Mimosa

SNMPv2 and Syslog monitoring


Graphical HTML5 interface

Local management

Wireless 2.4 GHz management

Smart Spectrum management

Active interference scanning

Dynamic auto optimization of channel width, power and modulation

Security 128 bit AES PSK with hardware support
QoS Supports 4 preconfigured QoS levels
GPS localisation GNSS-1 (GPS + GLONASS)
Colocation  1PPS GPS TX/RX Synchronization

FCC 15.249


ETSI EN 300-440 V2.1.



EC/EN 60950-1

Environmental properties
Security level IP67
Permissible operating temperature From -40 to 55 degrees Celsius
Permissible air humidity 5% -100% condensing
Maximum use  height 4420 m n.p.m.
Shock and vibration ETS 300-019-204 grade 4M5
Physical properties

Height: 260 mm

Width: 260 mm


134 mm without handle

252 mm with the handle

Weight 2,76 kg (with  the handle)
Housing properties

Plastic resistant to UV radiation

The handle is made of aluminum

Resistance to wind 200 km/h
Wind resistance 12,52 kg by 160 km/h

Lightweight, precise pole mount

Tilt adjustment:

  + -15º elevation

+ -2.5º horizontal

Network interface

1 gigabit Ethernet port

1 slot SFP