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New! SFP28 (25 Gb/s) WDM modules - for one optical fiber!
We have extended our offer with Opton SFP28 WDM modules - they enable the transmission using one Singlemode fiber. The maximum connection capacity is 25 Gbps, and the range is 10 km. Each module has one LC/UPC connector. Given the growing popularity and affordable price of SFP28 interfaces, it can be assumed that in the near future they will become a standard in many networks. You can now prepare for modernization!

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New! Opton 40G-SM-DF31-L40D QSFP+ (40G) Singlemode module with a range of 40 km!
Opton 40G-SM-DF31-L40D is a QSFP+ optical module with a bandwidth of 40 Gb/s. It uses Singlemode fiber for transmission and is equipped with standard LC/UPC connectors. The insert allows you to create a transmission at a distance of up to 40 km, currently it is the QSFP+ insert with the greatest range that you can find in our offer. More information in the description!

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New! MikroTik CRS504-4XQ-OUT switch with 4 QSFP28 (100 Gb/s) slots and outdoor enclosure!
MikroTik CRS504-4XQ-OUT is a managed switch with the RouterOS system and 4 QSFP28 slots (100 Gb/s). The device has been enclosed in a housing adapted for installation outside buildings, it is characterized by the degree of protection IP66. The switch provides a very high transmission capacity, its additional advantage is three power inputs: PoE, DC socket and 2-pin DC terminal. More information can be found in the description!

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New! Mimosa C5x IP67 version!
Mimosa C5x is a popular client device designed for 5 GHz radio networks. It is now available in a new housing, it is distinguished by greater resistance to weather conditions than the basic version. The main features of the device remain the same, it has a twist-on connector for the antenna, a gigabit Ethernet port and supports 2x2 MIMO with modulation up to 256 QAM. The product is now available on our website!

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New! TP-Link EC225-G5 wireless router AC1300 with software for operators (Aginet / Agile)
TP-Link EC225-G5 is the successor to the popular EC220-G1 router. It supports dual-band Wi-Fi, in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, with a maximum theoretical throughput of 1300 Mb/s. It is equipped with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, including 1 WAN port and 3 LAN ports. The device has software adapted for Internet operators, compatible with Aginet (former name - Agile). It allows you to change the default configuration and use automatic provisioning. More information in the description!

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New! Refurbished Huawei EG8245H GPON ONT terminals available at low price!
Huawei EG8245H is a GPON ONT terminal equipped with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2 RJ11 telephone ports (POTS) and 1 USB port. It enables Wi-Fi wireless transmission in the 2.4 GHz band with a maximum theoretical throughput of 300 Mb/s. Devices are in refurbished condition, have been wiped and reset to factory settings. The set includes an Ethernet patch cord and the original power supply, all packed in a replacement cardboard box.

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New! MikroTik wAP LR2 kit - N300 access point with LoRa 2.4 GHz module!
MikroTik wAP LR2 kit  is a access point in outdoor chasis, that can transmit Wi-Fi over 2,4 GHz frequency band. Maximum theoretical throughphut in this connection is 300 Mb/s. Device is equiped with LoRa modem, so it can works as gateway also you can connect sensors to it. More information in the description.

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New! Huawei EG8010Hv6 - GPON ONT bridge terminal with gigabit Ethernet port
Huawei EG8010Hv6 is an ONT client terminal designed for GPON networks. It has been equipped with 1 gigabit Ethernet port (10/100/1000 Mbps) and an optical SC/APC port. This is a basic bridge terminal, with it you can offer your subscribers a regular wireless router or enable the customer to connect their own equipment, which is of great importance to many people. The device is distinguished by a very low power consumption, which is a maximum of 2.5 W.

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New! Huawei EG8147X6 - GPON ONT terminal with Wi-Fi 6 AX3000 and CATV port!
Huawei EG8147X6 is an ONT client terminal designed for GPON networks. It has been equipped with an optical SC/APC connector, it can transmit a Wi-Fi 6 wireless network in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands simultaneously, with a maximum theoretical throughput of 3000 Mb/s. The most important feature of the new terminal is the RF connector that you can use for CATV. In addition, the device has a POTS port (RJ11), a USB 2.0 port and 4 gigabit Ethernet ports. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the novelty!

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New! Uplink GP544RVX - EPON/GPON client terminal with Wi-Fi 6 AX1800!
Uplink GP544RVX is an ONT client terminal designed for GPON/EPON networks. It is equipped with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000 Mbps), 1 POTS telephone port (RJ11) and 1 USB port. The SC/UPC optical connector is used as the PON transmission input. The terminal can transmit a Wi-Fi 6 wireless network, supports IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ax in the 2.4 GHz band and IEEE 802.11 a/n/ac/ax in the 5 GHz band. The maximum theoretical Wi-Fi throughput is 1800 Mbps. More information in the product description!

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New! Infomir MAG540 - new IPTV set-top boxes in standard version and Wi-Fi AC!
Infomir MAG540 is an IPTV set-top box (set-top box) equipped with a powerful Amlogic S905Y4-B processor (4 cores, clocked at 2 GHz) and 1 GB of RAM. This is a new solution from a series well known to all operators using IPTV. Supports 4K HDR resolution, also at 60 fps. The MAG540W3 is additionally equipped with a Wi-Fi 5 AC1200 wireless interface, it can communicate without the need to connect an Ethernet cable. More information in the description!

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Fiber optic cable S-QOTKSdD 4J 4x9/125 ITU-T G657A2 (1000m)
142,75 netto
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