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Mimosa FlexiMount XL pole and surface mount for Mimosa C5x / B24
Brand: Mimosa
Product Code: MIMOSA-FMXL
Catalog number: 7535
Warranty (months):
11,91incl. tax
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The FlexiMount XL is a  pole and surface mount accessory that accommodates both vertical and horizontal pole mounting applications, as well as basic flat wall mounting where minimizing the distance of the radio, relative to the wall, is important. The FlexiMount XL, which replaced the original FlexiMount, boasts a heavy-duty design, a long pole length and base, and a wide articulation angle of 180º.

Suitable for vertical, horizontal, and angled poles, Mimosa’s FlexiMount XL is able to be mounted in any orientation.

Mimosa’s FlexiMounts XL comes preassembled, right out out the box. It’s ready for any backhaul, access point, or radio to be attached to it.

Vertical Poles
The FlexiMounts come assembled, ready for vertical pole configurations, using the indicated pipe clamp slots in the diagram above.

Angled and Flat Poles
The FlexiMounts can be mounted in any orientation on angled and flat poles. To pivot the articulation direction, rotate the mounting base to the desired orientation.

Flat Surfaces
The FlexiMounts include two (2) convenient mounting screw hole points, allowing mounting to any vertical, sloped or horizontal surface


FlexiMount XL
Weight 0.60 kg (21.3 oz)
Mounting Base 45 mm (1.77“) x 127 mm (5.0“)
Pole Length 190 mm (7.5“)
Pole Outside Diameter 38 mm (1.5“)
Articulation Angle 180º
Mounting Options Pole mount with two pipe clamp or surface mount with two screw hole points

Pre-assembled with a white powder coated finish;

Mounting screws and pipe/hose clamps not included

Recommended For

C5x (native 8 dBi)

C5x + N5-x12 Horn

C5x + N5-x16 Horn

C5x + N5-x20 Dish

C5x + N5-x25 Dish