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ATTE xCOAX4-SET active Ethernet - Coaxial converter
Brand: ATTE
Product Code: ATTE-XCOAX4-SET
Catalog number: 9538
Warranty (months):
134,62incl. tax
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The xCOAX4-SET is a set of active converters for transmitting data from an Ethernet network and PoE power over a typical coaxial cable used in analog monitoring.

The devices enable the installation of PoE IP cameras in locations where replacing existing coaxial cabling is impractical or costly. The xCOAX4-SW module is powered by any PoE switch (RJ45 port) and, through the coaxial cable, facilitates bi-directional network communication and powers the xCOAX4-CAM module. An IP camera or any network device can be connected to the RJ45 port of the xCOAX4-CAM module at the end of the line.

The devices can be optionally powered using the POWER screw terminals. For proper PoE receiver power, the voltage must be higher than 44V DC.

The maximum distance for data transmission and PoE power depends on the length and cross-section of the cables used, as well as the quality of the BNC connectors. The presence of other cables in the cable path and additional intermediate connections significantly affect transmission stability. The maximum length of the coaxial cable is 1000m. In the case of low-quality cables, the transmission speed may be reduced to 10Mbps, indicated by the LED on the housing.

Main features

  • The transmission range through the coaxial cable is up to 1000m with a speed of 10/100Mbps.
  • Resistance to interference and a watchdog function in the COAX path.
  • Capability to be powered by 802.3at/af PoE switch, PoE PASSIVE (xCOAX3-SW), and through screw terminals with a voltage range of 10-58VDC.
  • Capability to power 802.3at/af or PoE PASSIVE receivers up to 90W (when utilizing all 4 pairs of twisted-pair for power delivery).
  • Very low power consumption - 1.35W for the entire pathway.
  • Compact module sizes.
  • Clear, visual indication of power status and data transmission.
  • Easy and quick setup without the need for parameter configuration.

The set includes:

Upon supplying power and correctly connecting the cables, the devices establish communication at a speed of 100Mbps. If a stable connection cannot be established, the transmission speed will be reduced to 10Mbps, indicated by the illumination of an LED.

If the connection cannot be established, verify the quality of the BNC connectors at the ends of the xCOAX pathway. Additional connections and branching in the xCOAX pathway may prevent stable transmission. Verify their correctness and remove any unnecessary connections.

The LV LED latches and indicates a drop in voltage to the xCOAX-CAM receiver below 44V DC. It can be reset by removing and reapplying the power supply. Its illumination signals the need to verify the power supply correctness. A voltage drop below 44V DC can be a source of unstable operation or prevent the restart of PoE receivers connected to the xCOAX-CAM.

The device is very compact, allowing for easy integration into small spaces, such as within the base of a camera or an installation box.

The most convenient mounting method involves dedicated ABOX series enclosures and mounting plates, equipped with system holes spaced 10.8mm apart. This system solution enables vertical or horizontal mounting of selected devices on any perforated part of the enclosure or mounting plate. With the use of an additional adapter, the device can be installed on a TH-35 rail.

The enclosure allows for mounting in several ways:

  • "Traditionally," using mounting dowels spaced at 10.8 mm, which are present in all ABOX enclosures.
  • By screwing it in through additional holes to any flat surface.
  • Using the ADD-RACK2U1 or ADD-RACK2U2 mounting plate.
  • Using additional snaps on the TH35 rail (DIN) with the ADD-TH35 snap-on adapter.


The length of the coaxial cable up to 1000 m
The length of LAN cable up to 100 m
Operating signaling LEDs in the RJ45 connectors: device power / link and data transmission in the LAN pathway
Signaling Link and data transmission in the COAX pathway / Low Voltage indicator diode
Connectors RJ-45 and BNC (female)
Operating temperature range -25°C...+65°C
Dimensions (S x W x G) 51 x 51 (73) x 23 mm
Weight 0,06 kg
Ingress protection IP20
Chassis universal mounting base
Mounting mounting dowels, available additional adapters for the TH-35 rail, and RACK.