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Uplink EP4440 EPON L3 OLT terminal 4x PON 4x GE 4x SFP+ (10G) AC power supply (PX20++ modules included)
Brand: Uplink
Product Code: UPLINK-EP4440-DP-SFP
Catalog number: 9021
Warranty (months):

SFP PX20++ modules included!

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Uplink EP4440-DP is an OLT terminal designed to work in the passive EPON fiber optic network. It has been equipped with 4 PON slots and 8 uplink ports - 4x gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mb/s) and 4x SFP+ (1/10 Gb/s). In addition, it also has management ports - 1x fast Ethernet (AUX) and 1x RJ45 console. The set includes a console cable RJ45 to RS232.

The terminal supports EPON transmission - the maximum split per port is 1x64, and the bandwidth is symmetrically 1.25 / 1.25 Gb/s. Management is done via the graphical Web interface or the CLI command line. You can conveniently manage client terminals, OLT also provides advanced Layer 3 management, including routing and RIP / OSPF.

The offered product is perfect for providing FTTH triple play services - with internet, telephone and TV. It supports IGMP Snooping, you can successfully use it for IPTV multicast transmission.

EPON network

The offered product is a transmitting terminal designed for the passive EPON fiber optic network. You can connect up to 64 subscribers to one port using optical splitters (split is 1:64). As a result, the EP4440-DP will support a total of 256 clients. EPON transmission throughput is symmetrically 1.25 Gb/s per port, both for sending and receiving data.

Web UI

You can manage the terminal in a convenient way through the graphic interface available from a web browser. There you will find all the most important settings, including the configuration of uplink ports, VLANs, setting profiles and authorizing client terminals. There is no need to learn the CLI terminal! In addition to the basic functions, the software also provides management in the Layer 3, including routing, RIP and OSPF.

Triple play services: internet + IPTV + VoIP

By using this OLT terminal you can provide your customers with triple play services with Internet, TV and telephone. The device supports IGMP, you can use IPTV unicast or multicast transmission. The EPON terminal is characterized by an excellent value for money - you can create a FTTH network with high capacity at a low cost. It will be perfect in locations where there are not many potential subscribers, e.g. in rural environment or in small estates.

4 EPON ports, 4 gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 SFP+ slots

The device is equipped with 4 PON slots and 4 SFP PX20++ class modules. As an uplink, you have 8 ports at your disposal - 4x gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mb/s) and 4 SFP+ slots (1/10 Gb/s). In addition, there are management ports - 1 fast Ethernet (AUX) port and 1 RJ45 console port. The kit includes an RJ45 - RS232 console cable.

2 AC power supplies, low power consumption

The terminal is equipped with two AC power supplies. They work redundantly, in the event of a failure of one, the work is taken over by the other so as to avoid interruptions in operation. Active cooling is used, the air outlets are located at the back. The housing has been adapted to the Rack 19" standard. The maximum power consumption is only 35 W, much less than in the case of large OLT terminals.

PX20++ class SFP transceivers included

The set includes 4 EPON SFP transceivers of the PX20++ class adapted to the EP4440-BT terminal. These are standard modules used in this type of transmission. The transmitting power (Tx) is 2.5 - 7 dBm, and the receiving sensitivity (Rx) is up to -30 dBm. Using these modules, you can get a full split offered by the EPON standard (1x64), without worrying that one of the subscribers will run out of optical power.


Uplink ports

Gigabit Ethernet ports

10/100/1000 Mb/s


SFP slots

1 Gb/s


SFP+ slots

1 / 10 Gb/s

EPON ports
Quantity 4
Slot type SFP
Management ports
AUX (out-band) 1x fast Ethernet
Console 1x RJ45
EPON modules
Class PX20++
EPON port speed

Upstream 1.25G

Downstream 1.25G


TX 1490nm

RX 1310nm

Connector SC/UPC
Fiber Type 9/125μm SMF
TX Power +4.5 ~ +9dBm
Rx Sensitivity ≤ -32dBm
Saturation Optical Power -8dBm
Other features
Dimensions 442 x 200 x 43 mm
Weight 3,2 kg

Built-in AC power supply

100 - 240 V AC

47 / 63 Hz

Max power consumption 35 W
Working Temperature 0°C ~ +50°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85°C
Relative Humidity 5 ~ 90% (non-conditioning)



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